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About Us

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We Are BBVisions Multimedia

BBVisions Multimedia was founded in 2017 by Brandon & Najee Bartley who saw a need to provide a one-stop-shop for creative content. We service various clients such as fortune 500 companies, small businesses and individual business professionals. Our goals are to provide top-notch customer service and exceptional quality of work. We aim to treat our team members and clients like family to maintain the trust that lets everyone know that we truly support them in their endeavors and progression.

BBVisions holds certain values that we exemplify every day with our clients and teammates. First is integrity, we do not tolerate hate or mistreatment of our teammates or clients. Next is individuality, we encourage our teammates to be the best version of themselves so that we can utilize that component in the company and create the best work environment possible. We also need passion, which is something that we want you to have for your role. We want your job to be one that you enjoy putting in the extra work for. Compassion, we want our teammates to care about each other and our clients. When you care, then problems are resolved and relationships become stronger. Excellence, perfect your craft and everything that comes along with it. Always give your best effort so that the vibes of excellence continue to flow through the organization. Also, be willing to learn which is an important part of perfecting your craft. Lastly, we have teamwork. Everyone plays a role and the way that you succeed is to play your role to the best of your ability. However, it’s a best practice to learn other’s roles as well so that you are aware of the complexities of those roles, can empathize with your teammates and possibly be of assistance in those roles if called upon. Teamwork is also essential with our clients. They are part of the team and we’re all working toward a common goal which is the success of their brands.

Meet Our Team

Brandon Bartley owner of BBVisions Multimedia

Brandon Bartley 

CEO, Founder, Creative Director

Stephanie Semerville

Lead Web Designer/Developer

Najee Bartley CTO of BBVisions Multimedia

Najee Bartley

CTO/ Photographer

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